Photo Transfers

Slide to .JPG

Scan your old slides (at 4000 dpi) so you have a digital copy for your computer and social networking only $1.00 each + cost of storage

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Photo to .JPG

Scan your old photos so you have a digital copy for your computer and social networking only $0.25 each + $25 render charge per disk

Photo to Video

This is one of our most popular and fastest growing programs. Thousands of customers have found that Photos (and/or Slides) To Video make great gifts for Wedding Anniversaries, Retirements, Birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. Preserve your old photos and slides on Video to enjoy anytime. Make a Life Story Video from your photos. Adding background songs makes it all come together! We have many repeat Customers and hear all the time how much people enjoy this.

Photos To Video can also be used to enhance a presentation for any purpose. We can also create photos from any Video scene. Call us for details.

Now you can even put your photos on CD or DVD too!!

We have thousands of satisfied repeat customers who have discovered that Photos to Video are a great gift for Graduations, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays and just to say "I Love You"! You'll be glad you ordered!

Photos To Video FAQ

Exactly what is Photos to Video?

Each photo will appear on your TV screen for approximately 6 seconds while your choice of music plays in the background. Your photos will dissolve from one to the next. In other words, as one photo fades out, the next photo fades in. We have a variety of different effects to transition between the various photos.

What about music for my video?

One song is required for approximately each 25 photos.

How else can my video be personalized?

In addition to choosing your background music, we also offer opening and closing titles. You let us know what you want for your title, for example, "John & Linda... Through the Years," "Little Bobby's First Year," even "Mom & Dad...The First 50 Years."

What size photos will work?

Any size photo will work; however, wallet size and smaller may not completely fill the screen and will have a white border. Also, please note that close-up photos will look better on your video.

So how much does it cost?

The photos to video (set to the background music of your choice) are only $1.50 each plus $5 per song. You can use approximately 25 photos per song. For best results, a mixture of dissolves and special effect transitions are used. Animated and custom opening and closing titles are available for only $1.00 each. There is also a master DVD charge of $25 per job. Additional copies of your video are also available (click here for duplication price chart).

Can I add titles within the body of my video?

A standard Opening Title is included at no extra charge. Additional Titles at $5.00 per screen may be superimposed over any photo or background to introduce the various sections of your video.

Can I add my home video or home movies to this project?

Of course. Simply describe each video event that you would like to include, making sure to explain clearly what's happening at the starting point and the ending point of each clip, and exactly where you would like each video clip to appear on your finished video: (for example, after photo #45). Then cue up each of your video tapes to the first clip to be used from each video. If you have home movies in 8mm or 16mm format that you want added to your video, we can do that also. Just click on the Films to Video link for information and pricing.

What is the cost of each video clip?

Video clips are $5 each. There are no limits with regard to the total number of clips or the length of each clip. Each video edit, however, is regarded as one video clip. In other words, each video clip must have only one in-point and out-point.

How can I see samples of your Photos to Video?

You can stop in anytime to see a demo tape. We suggest you call in advance to make an appointment. Or you can send a check in the amount of ten dollars including postage and handling to the address on our Home Page, and we can mail you a demo tape. This cost is fully applicable to your first order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept both personal or company checks, money orders, Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover Card.

What is the approximate turn-around time for my order?

Your order will be completed within ten working days after we receive all materials.

How do I get started?

First gather all your photos and put them in the order that you want them to appear on your video. Number each photo on the back or attach a numbered Post-it note to each. Because ink may run, please use pencil only. Decide what you want for a Title, and pick the songs that you want to use. Keep in mind that one song is required for approximately each 25 photos. We have a wide variety of music we can use for your video, but you should contact us to see if we have the songs you want. If we don't have the songs you want here, you can bring in a tape, CD, or even vinyl record of the song and we'll use it and get it back to you with your photos. Click here for some suggestions for songs.

Can I send photos to you and do this by mail, if so how?

We suggest that you use Federal Express or UPS, and we will, of course, return your completed project (along with your photos and other materials) by the same carrier. Please make sure we have a Daytime phone number we can reach you at if we have questions about your order.

What if I have additional questions?

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